The Martin vs. Zimmerman debacle

Well here it goes. The Martin vs. Zimmerman debacle. I REALLY believe in our justice system, just like I believe in democracy ( Which goes bad when people become god-less and immoral.), I believe in capitalism, ( Until the greedy screw everyone.). But, regarding our justice system, too many give their opinions and railroad innocent people off to jail. Now my opinion before a case is tried, I hate to voice it but we continue to be rolled over by big mouthed activists, I feel I have to. I grew up in the welfare class, fought with everyone, stole, lied and cheated. I had no dad, no role model except a step dad my mom met at AA and he was just released after serving time for manslaughter. Anyway, it’s not about me, it’s about America and Americans, brainwashed and pitted against each other. I can’t just listen anymore so I have to voice my opinion. Zimmerman showed a whole lot more restraint than I would have. As soon as Martin came toward me I would have drawn down on him. It probably would have stopped there but Zimmerman screwed up, he turned his back. I’m sure Martin was a street fighter and the opportunity was presented. I’m sorry to say many young men, including myself years ago, have something to prove through their anger. Martin made a move and Zimmerman was in over his head, at that point Zimmerman had no choice, Martin’s dead. On a side note, if you ever challenged an angry youth like myself and you weren’t armed, it would have been a bad day for you. Zimmerman was armed because he knew this, he just didn’t understand the mindset of angry young men.

An edit: Many years have gone by for me and my anger has disappeared. It’s sad Martin didn’t have the same opportunity.

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