Apr 24

Not-So Daily Roundup

“This is justice for Trayvon” 

Nurses Are Losing Faith In Vaccines, Becoming Distrustful of Health Authorities.


Our ‘Post-Racial’ Administration Sues Jacksonville Florida Over ‘Racist’ Firefighter Tests

Are we becoming a police state? Five things that have civil liberties advocates nervous

Are We Sliding Toward a Police State?

Apr 17

The screws are getting tighter: No Taxes, No Travel: Why the IRS Wants the Right to Seize Your Passport

Freedom of movement is one of our rights, free men can move about, slaves cannot. The IRS already can put a gun to your head for money, that means they can kill you, just in case you don’t get it. I have had problems with the IRS in the past, what a nightmare. But, because I was able to escape doesn’t mean I don’t feel for others. I suck at managing money and because of that I should be harassed, stalked, belittled, and threatened. Fellow Americans will stalk you and threaten you, clear your bank account of your grocery money… you get it. Anyway to tonight’s topic:

No Taxes, No Travel: Why the IRS Wants the Right to Seize Your Passport

Mar 30

Not-So Daily Roundup


Not-So Daily Roundup

Mar 02

Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job | ZeroHedge

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/29/2012 23:32 -0500

A month ago, Zero Hedge readers were stunned to learn that unemployment among Europe’s young adults has exploded as a result of the European financial crisis, and peaking anywhere between 46% in the case of Greece all they way to 51% for Spain. Which makes us wonder what the reaction will be to the discovery that when it comes to young adults (18-24) in the US, the employment rate is just barely above half, or 54%, which just happens to be the lowest in 64 years, and 7% worse than when Obama took office promising a whole lot of change 3 years ago.

Read the full article:

Only 54% Of Young Adults In America Have A Job | ZeroHedge.

Mar 01

Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche | | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone reaches a new low with this article. Isn’t it beautiful how the “tolerant” left so eloquently expresses its disagreement with conservatives. The left is like a child, conservatives are the parents listening to their naive views and trying to educate them. They don’t listen and throw fits, now they embarrass themselves publicly with their foul mouths.

Read the article:
Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche | | Rolling Stone.

Jul 14

Go back to Germany..??

How does the US belong to Mexico when it was here first?
The current United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787; its ratification, the following year, made the states part of a single federal republic.

Mexico: This territory would eventually become Mexico as the colony independence was recognized in 1821.

Why do people like this woman believe places such as Southern California would resemble anything that it is today if it were a part of Mexico? It would be a corrupt, drug ridden, unemployed part of Mexico. They just want to steal an area of the US based on lies.

Oct 12

Hello and welcome!

The first post on my new blog should be pleasant. But…

I have been frustrated for years with both politicians and the general public concerning the direction our government is leading us all in. I’m frustrated and angry with the politicians for their arrogance and incompetence. I’m upset with the voting public for their lack of knowledge and complacency. I really believe we are at a turning point and we have to get back on course. If you feel as I do, please come back and visit.

Thanks for stopping by, blessed be you.