May 30

A cry for help

I have never been a Ron Paul supporter. I think the man has plenty of good ideas and plenty of bad ideas. That being said I think my biggest “turn-off” has been a blind loyalty following. That always makes me suspect.

Putting that aside, I am posting a moving video, a speech on the floor of Congress. Something overlooked, just another day to most. A day in which one lonely true Representative is calling for help, describing the real problems we are facing:

Apr 21

Good Saturday morning — Now wake up! TSA on public transit now…

The TSA is a federal agency that has done NOTHING to counter terrorism. It was developed specifically for the control of the general public. Wake up and push back! If you keep sleeping and believe the things that are actually happening now could/would not happen in America it will too late!

“The police state in this country is growing out of control. One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors and our loved ones and neighbors with disabilities. The TSA does all of this while doing nothing to keep us safe,”  Ron Paul

Metro Police Chief: Joint Metro-TSA exercise not connected to specific threat

Mar 18

Executive-order panic: Martial law in U.S.?

The White House’s late-week release of an executive order has sent the online community into an uproar, worried that President Obama had secretly provided himself means to institute martial law in America.

In the common practice of dumping government documents on a Friday afternoon, just as the news cycle is wrapping up for the week – a move critics say allows the administration to avoid widespread coverage of embarrassing actions – the White House released an executive order on “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”

Full Story:

Executive-order panic: Martial law in U.S.?.

Mar 01

Liberty Counsel Action

Stop Barack Obama’s subversion of our religious civil liberties and conscience rights!

Senator Roy Blunt’s S.1318 is coming up for a Senate vote on Thursday! The Blunt Amendment states this regarding President Obama’s “contraceptive and abortifacient” mandate: “Nothing in this title (or any amendment made by this title) shall be construed to require an individual or institutional health care provider, or authorize a health plan to require a provider, to provide, participate in, or refer for a specific item or service contrary to the provider’s religious beliefs or moral convictions.”


Liberty Counsel Action.

Feb 29

With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens – ABC News

Because my blog wasn’t updated for such a long time I’m adding some relatively “old” news. If you’re not familiar NDAA, read the article.

With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens – ABC News.