Mar 24

Don’t worry everything will be OK, we’ll take care of you.

Anytime I mention big government and the things it leads to people shrug or just ignore me. Do you realize that big government is corrupt government? Why? A few get power and then it all goes a muck. Those who have power want to keep it. They become corrupt, if they weren’t to begin with, and team up with whoever has the financial backing to keep them in office. Enter Big Drug, and the rest.

If you’re like me you trusted your government to do the right thing. That’s why they are there, to protect us, right? Not the case in the real world. Now we have lunchroom Nazis, SS shutting down lemonade stands and a whole lot more you are aware of. Not only do they prevent us from doing things, restricting our freedom, they want to force their policies on us. For instance, vaccines. I happen to believe if you eat correctly vaccines won’t help one bit. What I believe doesn’t matter. Big Government and its backers force my children to get vaccines. Have you seen the side effects of these drugs? It doesn’t matter to those writing the laws, they are always exempt (red flag), they just want to collect and stay in power.

Side note: The founding fathers wanted Congress to consist of “average” citizens. Most would perform their public service and return to the private sector where they gained their knowledge of governing. Today we have lifetime politicians that only seek personal gain.

USA Dave